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Starship Troopers: Join the Mobile Infantry! by AxeMan5
Starship Troopers: Join the Mobile Infantry!
Note: Be sure to click on the image for enhanced zoom and clearer details!

My digital artwork of Mobile Infantry soldier John Rico, from the 1997 sci-fi film Starship Troopers!

Drawn using Sketch Book Pro 2010, on a Wacom Intuos 4 graphics tablet over the space of one week, with several hours work put in at least per every two days. Based on reference images of the film that can be found on the Wikipedia page for the film!

Starship Troopers is one of my all time favourite films, and certainly my favourite sci-fi film to date. Sure it is cheesy as all hell and it doesn't take itself as seriously as the other sci-fi competition of its time, and it sure does have some really over the top moments and daft lines of character dialogue, but that is the charm of the film in my opinion, and the main reason I love it!...I could talk all day about the film, but let us get back to the art!

Being a fan of the film, I knew from the start what I wanted to do with the theme of this piece. I tried to re-create the Federation propaganda feel of the Fed-Net scenes of the film, by using similar styled text, colours, and symbols from the M.I which I also referenced by using in-movie scenes on my television whilst watching the film. The logo for that particular unit being included in the top left, and the background flag being similar to the one used in the opening of the film!

I had planned to draw an entirely separate background based on the invasion of Klendathu once again taken from the film, but in the end I preferred the more vibrant colours and theme of this concept, and in doing so this allowed me to add my own personal art twist to the image it was based on!

My love of the film was the main inspiration, but the movie's soundtrack also played a significant inspirational role throughout the drawing process. I listened to several pieces from the fantastic soundtrack by Basil Poledouris throughout, including the songs 'Klendathu Drop', 'Brainbug',  'Roughnecks', and 'Destruction of Rodger Young', all of which can be listened to on Youtube should you wish to check them out!

This particular soundtrack song however, was the main Inspiration and theme I chose for this drawing! Feel free to take a look at the artwork whilst listening to this song!

(Intro and Fed Net March)…

As always, feel free to comment and let me know what you think! I look forward to hearing of your response! And if you're a fan of the film also, then get quoting your favourite lines and scenes from it below so I can join in with you!

Contact me:

(If you like this piece, please feel free to follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter!)


Last time I wrote one of these journals was at the turn of the new year if I recall! The 1st of January some five months ago! Crazy! So I figured I’d swoop by today to let you all know that I am still alive, and am doing fairly well!

I actually find myself with enough time to reply to messages and speak to old deviantART friends today too, which is a nice change of things. Being bound up in bed and mildly hung over from last night’s venture up town at least works in my favour in some way! Despite feeling terrible with a splitting headache and ringing ears! 80’s rock live tribute bands and beers a plenty are a combination no one accustomed to the music of the old days can argue with! And mead…lots and lots of mead…

Some news from the design side of things. I’ve been working extensively on canvas production and commissions for friends just lately, so I’ve not got as much done as I would have liked! However, once my final piece of paid work has been completed, I plan on drawing a whole bunch of Game of Thrones and Skyrim themed pieces! I haven’t drawn anything of a sort since my Jon Snow digital art trade piece, which was drawn around the time where I really started getting the hang of digital art! It’ll be nice to return to drawing things of the fantasy scene, with my newly found drawing powers!

The Skyrim Project:

Being one of the world’s uber fans of the game and its lore, I’ve always been ashamed at the lack of Skyrim themed content in my drawing collection. I’m planning on correcting this, by drawing a series of artwork to commemorate the adventures of my most recent Dragonborn hero, the mighty Atlas Stormcrown. My play through is nearly 140 hours long now, my longest ever character lifespan without being afflicted by, as I like to call it, ‘The Helgen Curse!’, the in-ability to play the game without the desire to start fresh as a new character!

As a Nord I’ve travelled endlessly, from the dizzying heights of the Throat of the World, to the furthest expanses of the isolated island of Solstheim, to the deepest, darkest recesses of Black Reach and beyond. Such adventures are beyond count now, though there have been some mighty and memorable quests and battles along the way. It is my aim to delve back into some of these great moments, and put digital pen to digital paper in order to see them realised in creative form!

This is a project I’ve already started too, and if you’ve got the time then feel free to head over to one of the two links provided below this journal, to see my first progress drawings of my character in action1

The Game of Thrones Project:

Exactly like Skyrim, with the recent (albeit five weeks ago now!) return of GoT season four, I’ve salvaged some old pre-drawn line art and started some new pieces ready for further development featuring some of my favourite characters! From well established or minor characters of all the seasons such as Ned Stark, Robb Stark, Jamie Lannister, Tywin Lannister, Daenerys, Jaqen H’ghar, Bronn and more! I’m aiming to have these done after the Skyrim Project has been atleast somewhat addressed with a couple of instalments, but expect good things if you’re a fan of both the books and the HBO series, the latter in particular!

And finally, for all of you not currently in the know, I no longer post un-finished or WIP work on deviantART anymore. Rather, if you want to see or experience such content I’ve two places you can go!

Firstly, my Twitter page, where I talk about games, movies, and mostly 90% of the time, artwork! If you drop me a follow here, then be sure to let me know as I’ll gladly return the favour to a fellow artist!

And secondly, my Facebook community page. Newly established, yet seldom shared with others at this current moment in time. It might not be all too impressive yet, but I’m hoping that one day it’ll become the nexus of my creative artwork content! I’d greatly appreciate it if you could share, or most importantly give us a like!…

Lastly, thank you all for your time! And it’s nice to be back again! Feel free to comment on any of the topics mentioned above, or to leave recommendations of what you’d like to see in terms of characters or locations for the two planned projects! Have a great day, and I’ll see you next time!



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Greetings all, my name is Adam. I am a 23 year old student from Leicestershire, a county in the United Kingdom. I am a talented self taught artist, skilled at both hand drawings, and digital art, aswell as photography, and crafting on an casual level. I have joined DeviantArt as a way to share my work with more people who are likely to appreciate it! So take a look at the work on display, and I do hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them!

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